Beach Totes for Spring/Summer 2021

Beach Totes for Spring/Summer 2021

We might still be in spring, but summer vacation plans are already ramping up. I’ve noticed a trend in 2021 spring/summer outfits, and that is pairing your look with a cream-colored tote bag.

A lot of companies are designing medium-to-large sized totes in canvas, straw, rattan and more. With natural textures and light colors, these bags are great options for carrying to the beach or out on the town during the day. Links for all bags are below.

What do you think of the beach tote trend?

1- Hello Weekend tote

2- Elizabeth and James tote

3- Beach Please tote

4- Mark & Graham tote

5- Colorful tassel tote

What I Bought My Husband for His Birthday

What I Bought My Husband for His Birthday

I love playing with fashion and personal style; that is something I’ve always known. But what I’ve realized recently is that I also love styling my partner!

My husband is a gamer and loves receiving tech as gifts, so when I asked him if he would be upset if some of his gifts weren’t game-related, but something I wanted to get him pertaining to style, he said of course not. So I was so excited because I absolutely love what I picked out for him!

When we were in Florida in December, we stopped by the Levi’s store so I could get some new jeans (thanks to my new COVID weight lol) but he showed me a few items that he liked, including this charcoal gray jacket. So I kept that in my memory bank for later. I purchased it for his birthday and he was so excited to receive it! It fits him like a glove and he said it is so warm, perfect for when he rides his motorcycle. And it also has a special memory attached to it, so that makes it even more significant.

I also purchased a game for his Playstation and then also these Steve Madden sneakers that are so nice. They are black leather casual sneakers that he can wear to dress up an outfit, possibly to wear out for date night or just to wear somewhere nice. He also liked the shoes!

Pretty Work from Home Outfit Ideas

Pretty Work from Home Outfit Ideas

Hello, friends. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a bit tired of wearing sweatpants everyday for work. While I do enjoy the comfort of elastic bands in my loungewear, I’ve been wanting a change in my daily attire. Something a tad more dressed. So I looked up some of the newest trends for 2021 and applied them to what I would realistically wear while working from home everyday and found exactly what I was looking for.

Over the next few months I”ll be adding the following items to my wardrobe: Puff sleeve dresses, shirt dresses and satin skirts.

These dresses and skirts are perfect for those days when you need to get yourself out of a rut and, come on, how can you not feel pepped up after looking at such pretty garments? The dresses are great because all you have to do is add a statement necklace, stud earrings and maybe a subtle bracelet. For the satin skirts, pair them with a v-neck or boat neck t-shirt and some statement earrings. I promise, after months of wearing sweatpants and loungewear sets, these new additions will have you feeling excited to dress for work in the morning.

Here are the links to the items in the collage above.

  1. ASOS ruched shoulder-belted soft prom midi dress
  2. True Muse Risa midi skirt
  3. ASOS midi shirt dress with ruched waist
  4. Lulu’s black eyelet lace button front tiered midi dress
  5. True Muse Leo midi skirt

Let me know in the comments below. Will you be adding any dresses or skirts to your WFH attire this year?

Autumn/Winter 2020 Coats I’m Loving

Autumn/Winter 2020 Coats I’m Loving

I’ve been looking ahead to fall/winter fashion and I have been getting so inspired by all of the beautiful coats available for purchase right now. From classic to boho to trendy, there are so many options to keep you stylish and warm this season. The wrap coat is very feminine and classic, while the multi-colored faux fur jacket is great for those who want to make a statement. For those who prefer leather jackets, the tan faux leather jacket is a great twist on a closet staple. A great thing about coats and jackets is that no matter where you live, you will get multiple wears out of them over the years. The better quality you buy, the longer they will last. I’m a firm believer that clothes should be functional, but every now and then, it’s good to add a wild card piece just for fun!

  1. Express Belted Wrap Front Coat – This black wrap coat is very classic and elegant.
  2. Tahari Ella Wrap Coat – This tan wrap coat is another great option for fall.
  3. Multicolored Faux Fur Coat – Isn’t this coat so much fun? I love the black, pink and white combination.
  4. Anne Klein Peacoat – You can’t go wrong with a traditional black peacoat. If you’re trying to decide what coat to get next that is both stylish and will keep you warm, this is what I’d recommend.
  5. Zara Faux Leather Trench Coat – This is another statement piece. Imagine your mother’s tan trench coat, but made entirely of faux leather. It’s surprisingly very pretty. The waxy look combined with the neutral color makes for a very trendy, yet chic, coat.

Latest Loungewear Purchases

Latest Loungewear Purchases

Hello beautiful ladies! We have all been spending more time indoors and for that reason, you might feel more inclined to invest in cute loungewear. Over the last five months, I have slowly acquired more stylish clothing for relaxing at home and it has really helped me feel put together, even if I am just lying on the sofa. Below are five items I wear on repeat that I highly recommend.

  1. Target All in Motion knotted front top. This one is unfortunately sold out, but this one and this one look similar.
  2. I love this Aerie lace bralette. I also got it in black and ivory. They are just so comfortable because there is no underwire. I also enjoy how feminine the lace detail is on the main design and all around the band.
  3. This white t-shirt is great because it’s longer in length, perfect for pairing with leggings. I also like the detailing on the sleeves.
  4. I did not have gray leggings before, now I do! I love these leggings and they look really good with my black knotted-front top or the teal green knotted-front top. They fit very snug and are very comfortable.
  5. These knit drawstring joggers are also really comfortable. I like how the fabric is really soft and breathable, perfect for summer days. These also fit snug and look really cute with v-neck tees.

What loungewear have you been wearing lately? Comment below!

The Most Beautiful Face Masks On the Market

The Most Beautiful Face Masks On the Market

Hello beautiful ladies! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. It is now mid-August and face masks are still either required or highly recommended in public spaces. We have all been wearing masks for a couple of months now, and many people have switched over to cloth face coverings since they are re-usable, more cost-effective and add a bit of personal style.

I already have three cloth face coverings, but after researching masks for this list, I just might have to buy some more because these designs are so cute! While these masks are not medical grade, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends individuals wear face masks in public settings to help slow the spread of the virus. For more information from the CDC, click here.

Keep reading to see the most beautiful cloth face masks on the market today!

SydneyVictorDesigns on Etsy – $13.44

This pink glitter mask makes me really happy inside. What’s not to love about pink and glitter? I first saw Rachel Lindsay Abasolo wearing this mask on Instagram and couldn’t find the one she had, but was thrilled when I saw a similar one on the SydneyVictorDesigns Etsy shop.

Photo by Akese Stylelines. Akese Stylelines Naana mask. Pockets – $25

This Naana mask from Akese Stylelines is a major statement piece. I can imagine wearing this mask with a totally monochromatic look and then adding this mask for a bold pop of color.

FlitterStitch on Etsy – $11.03

Every glam girl loves leopard print. I like that these options from the FlitterStitch Etsy shop are a bit toned down, but still very wild.

Photo by Akese Stylelines. Akese Stylelines Ayekoo unisex mask – $27

I was browsing the Akese Stylelines website and came across so many beautiful masks, and this neutral brown, black and white mask is just stunning. It reminds me of a good signature handbag – a neutral color so it matches all your outfits, but also stylish enough to draw attention to itself.

Photo by By Second Wind. The Tina Mask – $65 (currently sold out, but restocking soon)

This mask is so chic that it’s already sold out, but worry not! The company, By Second Wind, will be restocking soon. The unique design of the Tina Mask offers a minimal, yet luxury, feel that’s perfect for daily errands like running to the grocery store or posing for that perfect Instagram shot.

What did you think of the list? What are your favorite cloth face mask designs? Share below!

3 Boutiques to Shop to Support Racial Equality

3 Boutiques to Shop to Support Racial Equality

Continuing with the Black Lives Matter movement and #amplifymelanatedvoices hashtag, I have been making a more conscientious effort to shop at black-owned businesses and companies supporting racial equality. I’ve discovered so many amazing clothing boutiques, bath and body shops, accessories brands, and more.

Below, I list three companies I recently purchased from in July and August that are either black-owned businesses or are giving back to organizations fighting for racial equality.

True Muse Boutique

I have shopped with True Muse two times before and was so excited to see they’ve added a loungewear section to their website. They have sooo many cute items, from dresses, to chic blouses to Moto-leggings and more. This round, I opted for a “Homebody” sweatshirt, black knit leggings and this gorgeous satin animal print skirt. I cannot wait for my package to come in. And to make things even better, the company has pledged to donate 15 percent of your purchase to organizations fighting for black equality. AND, if your purchase is more than $65, you get free shipping. It’s a win-win!


As I’ve mentioned before, I recently started working from home and as part of that change, I’ve been slowly investing in more loungewear. I purchased three bralettes from Aerie when they were having a 50 percent off sale and oh my goodness they are so comfortable! Who wants to worry about underwires if you don’t have to?! As I was checking out, there was an option to give a $1 donation to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. I, of course, selected yes. It’s not as much as what True Muse is giving and the customer has to select that option, but it’s definitely a wonderful start!

Gregory Sylvia

I’ve heard about this company for a few years now, but since they are a luxury leather goods brand, their items have been a bit out of my price range. Well, I browsed through their jewelry section and fell in love with this 14K white and gold leaf ring. It was a splurge, but I have a sentimental reason for purchasing this ring and I’m really looking forward to receiving it. Gregory Sylvia is a black-owned business that’s run by a husband and wife team in North Carolina. I have been eyeing their handbags for years, but I’m really impressed with their selection of silver and gold jewelry pieces.

Happy shopping! Are there any other black-owned businesses or organizations fighting for racial justice you’ve shopped at recently? Leave a comment below.

Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Purchases

Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Purchases

Our spring and summer vacation plans might have been deferred until a later date, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy wearing the cute clothes we may or may not have already bought! I’ve got to be honest, the past couple of weeks working from home have been such a huge change. Not only am I wearing less makeup and casual clothing, I’m also learning the importance of establishing a routine.

So while I haven’t even come close to mastering my morning and evening routine, I am noticing on the days that I do dress up a little and wear makeup, I am in such a better mood. I feel happy, I feel productive and I feel more ambitious. So if you’re having one of those days where you literally get out of bed five minutes before logging into work, try gradually getting ready throughout the day. Clock in at 8 a.m., eat breakfast at 8:30 a.m. get dressed at 9 a.m. and put on a face around 11 a.m. It sounds funny, but just try it. I do this on the days I wake up late, and let me tell you my whole attitude changes once I’m glammed.

This being said, let’s move on to some of the items I’ve picked up for spring/summer. I’ve been adding pieces to my wardrobe since late fall 2020. Some items are casual and some are more dressed. For the dressier clothes, I have a goal to wear them for date nights in with my husband. So let’s get into it shall we?


The best thing about ThredUP is the variety. I acquired three blouses, two pairs of shorts and two dresses. I’m just now noticing all of these picks are in the blue and white family and that was not intentional! Lol but when you like something, you like it!

True Muse Boutique

One of my dear friends from college started her own boutique and she has the cutest clothes. She just stocked her Spring/Summer collection and I found so many items that I want. I was looking for a work blouse that could transition to evening, and a top I could wear for date night. I was successful in my mission and purchased a white blouse with ruffled sleeves and a cowl neckline tank.

Banana Republic

At the time of this purchase, I needed more work pants and I invested in two pairs that I didn’t have to squeeze into or make me uncomfortable while sitting. These trousers from Banana Republic are perfectly grown up. They are a wonderful combination of business casual mixed with modern style.

Do you have any items on your spring/summer list? How about any cute lounge wear purchases?

Winter Boot Collection February 2020

We are right in the thick of winter and though temperatures range from 75 degrees one week to 40 degrees the next, there is nothing better than having a reliable pair of boots on those frigid days. To prepare for the cool season, I have saved up from summer 2019 through now to purchase three different pairs of boots. When selecting the shoes, I had three goals in mind: elevate my style, pick durable materials that will last for a long time and opt for colors that will easily match the clothes already in my wardrobe. 

The first pair I purchased were these rich, brown riding boots from Anne Klein. I adore these boots. They keep my feet warm, the heel isn’t too high and most importantly, they are super cute! I liked these boots so much that I ended up getting the same pair in black.

In my opinion, the black pair doesn’t look as striking as their brown sisters since the metal hardware accent piece is silver. But I have to say it is so refreshing to finally have a pair of black boots that don’t look too masculine or have a rounded toe. 

I also purchased black leather ankle booties from Vince Camuto this season. I was a bit hesitant about this pair since the heel is higher than what I was originally searching for and the wrap-around strap near the ankle is an edgier design. Once I received them, however, I really enjoyed how different they were from the other shoes in my collection. 

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchases and would definitely recommend them. I will say that all of these boots run a bit narrow. They fit me very comfortably but if you have a wider foot, I would recommend sizing up a half size.

Have you invested in any new wardrobe pieces for winter? Let me know below!

Why I Love ThredUP

One of my goals for this year was to enhance my wardrobe. I realized I was spending so much time online, mainly Instagram and Pinterest, saving countless outfit ideas that I had no intention of buying.

It occurred to me that maybe if I adore these outfits so much, I should begin intentionally purchasing specific items so I can have cute outfits too! Prior to this method of shopping, I would only buy items in store based on mood, price or other emotions. And let me tell you, this method of having a plan for what I want to add to my closet next has been a game changer.

One of the stores I have really grown to like this year is ThredUp. If you haven’t heard of ThredUP, basically they are an online consignment and thrift shop. I’ve been to vintage, consignment and thrift shops before and no offense, I usually don’t find anything I like. But with ThredUp, since they have a huge selection of clothing and accessories, I am always able to find something I like. And since you create your own profile, you can save items for later and purchase when you’re ready (as long as someone else doesn’t buy it before you)!

I made my first purchase with this company in January 2019 and was thrilled at how cute the clothes were, the reputable brands (like Banana Republic, Express and other companies I regularly shop at) and how well everything fit.

I will say, it’s nice that for each garment, there are very detailed descriptions about the condition, price and size of each garment. What I usually do is, if there is an item I’m considering buying and I see the name of the brand, I’ll go that that brand’s main page to see their size chart and make sure that it will fit me. I don’t know about you, but when I buy something, I want to make sure it fits so I don’t have to deal with the hassle of returns. So just refer to that brand’s size chart and you’ll be in great shape.

Anyway, for this most recent purchase this month, I purchased four sweaters and two pencil skirts. I love that A.) I get new clothes, B.) The prices are just insanely affordable and great for my budget, C.) I’m choosing a more sustainable way to shop by choosing secondhand clothing, and D.) I’m giving these clothes a second chance, saving them from landfills, and creating new sartorial moments!

Have you tried ThredUP?