10 Things to Do In Any City This Fourth of July

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Pexels.com

The Fourth of July is arguably one of the most exciting, yet relaxed holidays in the United States. While there’s no obligation to cook meals or exchange gifts, it’s a great excuse to grill out, see loved ones and watch fireworks. Keep reading below for 10 ideas of activities you can do in any city this Fourth of July.

1- Lounge by the Water

Head over to the pool or your nearest body of water to relax and enjoy the outdoors. If you live near a beach, pack your cooler, chairs and sunblock, and prepare for a fun beach day. Remember to leave early since it’s sure to be a popular destination for many families this holiday.

2- View fireworks

If there’s anything that’s highly anticipated this July 4, it’s fireworks. Check your local news stations and newspapers to see what your downtown area is planning for July 4 festivities. Most cities host a fireworks show in the evening, and all you’ll need to bring is a chair!

Photo by Los Muertos Crew on Pexels.com

3- Cook Out with Friends and Family

Check with your family members and friends to see what their Independence Day plans are. You could all get together and grill out at someone’s house. Coordinate who will be bringing items to the cook-out, create the perfect playlist and prepare for lots of laughter and good memories.

4- Play Board Games or Learn a New Card Game

Who doesn’t love games? Check to see what games you have at home or if anyone in your network has some cool board games. Set a location for meeting and don’t forget the snacks!

5- Volunteer

The Fourth of July is a great time to celebrate with loved ones, but it’s also a great time to spend volunteering at places in need. Check your local animal shelters, food bank, or even your place of worship to see if there is a need for volunteers. Even if you only spend a few hours, the help will be greatly appreciated!

6- Photo Scavenger Hunt

Get a group together and hand out a list of 20 items to take photos of in your city. These objects could be the American flag, a water fountain, the oldest building in the city, or anything you can think of. Whichever team finishes first wins! Make sure you have photographic evidence.

Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels.com

7- Enjoy Live Music

As I mentioned above in list item 2, check your local news station or newspaper to see what your downtown area is planning for July 4 festivities. Some areas will host live musicians or bands to entertain guests.

8- Wear Red, White, And/Or Blue

Today is the perfect excuse to have a themed dress code. Dress up in glam red, white or blue, put a more country twist on the attire, or go full on ‘Merica with American Flag everything.

9- Play Cornhole or a DIY Yard Game

Some trendy restaurants have corn hole set up for patrons. This part might require some research, but if you happen to be eating at a restaurant where there is corn hole, why not get a game started? If you already own the game, you could also bring the party to your own home! If you do not have access to this popular game, it’s time to get creative and make your own yard game! From yard bowling, to giant scrabble, there are lots of ways to play outdoor games at home for free. Click here for a post from Prudent Penny Pincher on how to make a few DIY yard games.

10- Refresh Your American History

Whether you go to a local museum or browse online, there’s no better time than July 4 to brush up on your American history. I used to listen to the podcast “Stuff You Missed In History Class,” where I learned a lot of interesting facts about U.S. history. I have also tried this United States Map quiz from time-to-time, and love trying to beat my previous scores. You could also tour your city’s local museum to learn more about your area’s past.

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