Swimsuit Hacks to Keep You Stylish this Summer

Photo by Genelle R

One of the best ways to enjoy the summer heat is to lay out by the beach or pool, sipping a nice cold refreshing drink. As you sunbathe this season, here are a few swimsuit tips I’ve picked up over the years to look cute by the pool while still having a great time!

1- Wear a Cute Cover-Up

The only thing more exciting than picking out a new swimsuit is find a new swimsuit cover-up! I like loose, flowy dresses that are easy to slip on and off. I currently have this one from Amazon and this one from Venus. If you’re really glam, try opting for a kaftan! They are often embellished with rhinestones or beading for that luxe look.

2- Find the Perfect One Piece Swimsuit

You don’t always have to wear a bikini. In fact, there are so many stylish one piece swimsuits available right now. Some of my favorite places to look for one piece swimsuits are Target, MBM Swim, Venus and Revolve, but there are so many swimwear boutiques with stunning options. Don’t be afraid to search online for different vendors.

3- Dress for the Event

Is this a casual beach day or is it a get-together where you’ll probably be taking photos? If it’s a photo-op, there is no shame in adding a few accessories like some cute sunglasses or wearing your hair down with a headband! After the photos are over, throw your hair up in a bun, get comfortable and relax.

4- Wear a Hat

I like to wear a hat to the pool or beach for extra protection from the sun. I prefer the floppy hat style when I’m lounging around, but if I’m being more active, I like to wear an athletic style hat. Pro Tip! Secure your hat to your hair with bobby pins to prevent it from being blown off on windy days (You’re welcome 😌)!

5- Upgrade Your Flip Flops

There are lots of cute sandals available right now. Whether you opt for a thong strap sandal, slides or another style, make sure your sandals are comfy and most importantly, capable of handling water. This rhinestone flip flop is cute, and this slide sandal is a nice dupe for the Hermes sandal.

6- Wear Jewelry

When I’m browsing swimsuits online, I take note of how the models wear the outfit. Most of the time, they are wearing jewelry (and makeup), but we don’t usually think to wear jewelry to the pool. Wearing jewelry instantly adds a bit more style to your swimsuit. I like to wear silver and water-resistant watches in the summer. I also see models wearing nature-inspired jewelry like this cowrie shell necklace or this seashell necklace. (Edit: try to wear jewelry when you know you’ll be lounging in the shade and not in direct sunlight).

7- Bring Sunglasses

Sunglasses are great because not only are they functional for blocking the sun from your eyes, but they also help add an extra level of style to your look. With shapes ranging from aviator, cat eye, rimless and more, you can certainly find the perfect pair.

Do you have any swimwear style tips that you use during the summer?

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