Adding Vitamin E Oil to My Curly Hair Routine

I tried something new with my hair this past week. I am always looking for hair tips to help me style my curly hair, so while browsing through YouTube, I came across a few videos where the girls mentioned hair oils, specifically jojoba and vitamin E oil. I went to three different stores, but finally found Vitamin E oil at Sally Beauty Supply.

After washing and conditioning, I styled my hair in a braid out. I sectioned my hair in two parts, then sectioned those two parts in half as well, making four sections total.

In the first section, I spritzed my hair with more water from a spray bottle, then brushed through it with a detangling brush. Next, I smoothed Miss Jessie’s leave-in conditioner to that section and then added a very small drop of Vitamin E oil on top of that whole section. I braided four-five sections of hair downward, then added As I Am Curling Jelly all over each braid.

I repeated that process all over my head until each section was braided. Since the braids were positioned downward, framing my face, the strands at my roots were not styled. I added Eco Styler Gel to smooth down my roots at each section leading to the braids.

I air dried my hair in the braids for a day, and then unraveled them the following day. My hair looked so shiny and glossy, I loved it! However, I did not like how my hair at the roots started to puff up after two days. I would recommend adding water and Eco styler gel to the hair that starts to frizz when you style your hair in the mornings. Another tip I have is cornrowing your hair. I noticed when I cornrow my hair, the hair at the roots are uniform with the rest of my hair and I’m not left with different textures in the hairstyle (A revelation from my husband, actually! Thanks, babe!) I highly recommend trying to braid your hair as close to the scalp as you can so your braid out style will last longer.

2 thoughts on “Adding Vitamin E Oil to My Curly Hair Routine

  1. Your hair looks great this weekend, My Barbie doll🥰
    I was told to check the Dollar Tree, They have deep conditioner for colors treated Natural hair. But no store in my areas had it and it on back ordered online 😞 If they can’t keep it in I guess it probably will work. I will let you know if it works 🙏

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