Tips for Planning a Mother/Daughter Trip in 2021

Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and while there are so many gift possibilities, one idea is to plan a mother and daughter trip. While traveling in 2021 should still be taken with caution, it is not completely out of the question. With the right research, you could plan a fabulous trip that you and your mother will be talking about for years to come!

{The beach is always a lovely place to visit}

1- Figure out a Location

Where would you like to go? Do you want to be in warm weather on the beach or in the cool weather overlooking the mountains?

{This photo was taken during a trip I took with my mom to Myrtle Beach, SC in November 2020}

2- When to go

After you’ve narrowed down where you want to go, pick a date for your trip. It doesn’t have to be during May if that doesn’t work for both of your schedules. Pick a timeline that works best for both of your schedules and book your trip!

3- Where to Stay

Lodging is one of the more important details of your vacation. Would you like to stay in a historic hotel, a modern air b&b, a resort or somewhere else? Once you’ve navigated where you’d like to stay, go ahead and reserve your room! I would highly recommend purchasing travel insurance or some sort of hotel room protection plan just in case you need to cancel or reschedule your trip for later.

{Got the rental car and ready to go!}

4- Transportation

Depending on how far away your destination is from where you live, you will need to either purchase your flights, book a rental car or make other necessary travel arrangements. Again, I would recommend purchasing travel insurance with your transportation method. The extra cost is well-worth the security of knowing you will be reimbursed or credited if plans change.

{We filled the back seat with shopping bags! Successful shopping trip.}

5- Activities

Use a couple of search platforms to write down what you’d like to do on this trip. Would you like to go shopping, wine tasting, take a historic walking tour, etc.? I like to browse Pinterest, the specific city’s website, Thrillist, and YouTube to get ideas of what I might like to do in the destination I’m traveling to.

{Sushi <3}

6- Food

After doing so many fun activities, you’ll need to refuel with some delicious meals. Do you plan to cook your own meals on the trip or will you be dining out? If dining out, research some of the restaurants you’d like to check out. If cooking, try creating a meal plan so you know what groceries to buy once you arrive in town.

7- Photo and Video Documentation

On this trip, promise me one thing: that you’ll take lots and lots of photos! Whether you prefer taking pictures with your smartphone or DSLR, or taking video clips, make sure you document as many moments as possible. And if you want to take your preparation to the next level, I’d recommend looking up pose ideas on Pinterest. That way, if you come by a really pretty location, you will have a variety of unique poses for you and your mom to have on standby. Even if you’re not big on posting photos to social media, having these fun photos will be great for your photo albums!

8- Budget

Now that you have all the details of your trip, don’t forget to set a budget! This will help you narrow down what to expect to spend during the trip. It would be a good idea to build a buffer into your budget for extra costs on the trip. Don’t forget to plan for paying gratuity at restaurants and other locations where services are provided.

9- Look up Restrictions in the Area

Last but not least, make sure to look up health and safety restrictions in the location you plan to travel to. Lots of locations still recommend patrons wear face coverings, there might be capacity limits at certain businesses, and some amenities might be closed due to safety precautions. Either way, knowing beforehand will set an idea of what to expect so there aren’t any shocks once you arrive.

Happy (and safe) traveling!

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