What I Bought My Husband for His Birthday

I love playing with fashion and personal style; that is something I’ve always known. But what I’ve realized recently is that I also love styling my partner!

My husband is a gamer and loves receiving tech as gifts, so when I asked him if he would be upset if some of his gifts weren’t game-related, but something I wanted to get him pertaining to style, he said of course not. So I was so excited because I absolutely love what I picked out for him!

When we were in Florida in December, we stopped by the Levi’s store so I could get some new jeans (thanks to my new COVID weight lol) but he showed me a few items that he liked, including this charcoal gray jacket. So I kept that in my memory bank for later. I purchased it for his birthday and he was so excited to receive it! It fits him like a glove and he said it is so warm, perfect for when he rides his motorcycle. And it also has a special memory attached to it, so that makes it even more significant.

I also purchased a game for his Playstation and then also these Steve Madden sneakers that are so nice. They are black leather casual sneakers that he can wear to dress up an outfit, possibly to wear out for date night or just to wear somewhere nice. He also liked the shoes!

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