September 2020 Favorites

Happy fall! It seems like September flew by so fast. This month, I tried a couple of new beauty products, one fashion find and two other general items that have made my life better. All summer, I’ve pretty much had a consistent routine, but I switched it up this month with some new finds that make my morning routine faster and more efficient. Please keep reading below for my new faves.

Stamp Kit – I have been putting more effort into scrapbooking and lately, I’ve been loving my stamp set. I love how uniform all the letters are, the fact that you can change the ink color, and most importantly, it’s more cost effective than sticker letters! I use this stamp set and this ink pad set.

Miss Jessie’s hair products – Ever since March, I’ve been doing heatless styling and trying new products for curly hair. This line is by far the best leave-in and curl enhancer combination I’ve tried! I find that I need heavier products for my textured hair, so if your hair has similar needs, I highly recommend!

Calvin Klein handbag – I was searching for an all black leather handbag, so naturally I walked out of the store with a faux leather white and tan one! lol While I didn’t find what I was initially searching for, I did find this gorgeous handbag. Here’s a similar style.

Lancome eye makeup remover – My sister-in-law gave me this product and I really love it. My eyes are really sensitive and when removing eye makeup, this cleanser does not burn my eyes and it removes everything, even two coats of mascara!

Starbucks Blonde Iced Coffee – I was watching one of my new favorite YouTubers and she was sharing her updated morning routine, which included how she makes her coffee. I had given up hot coffee for almost a year in favor of tea, but this iced coffee is so wonderful. I add non-dairy creamer, a little sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It is delicious!

Diffuser – As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been doing heatless hairstyles all summer, and you know what? Sometimes you don’t want to have wet hair all day. So having a diffuser is nice on those days when you really want to get rid of the excess water. I use this one and like it so far!



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