Fall 2020 Foundation and Other Goodies

Happy September! This month ushers in a few seasonal things: Pumpkin spice coffee drinks, fall decor and the desire for a little change. A lot of the influencers I follow have been posting fall outfits and sweater ideas, but where I live, the temperature is actually still in the 90s. No sweaters for me any time soon! But it’s nice to get some outfit ideas before the temperature drops.

Since it’s still hot here at home, I’ve noticed my skin has been a little oily lately. I have always had combination skin, so this change is so odd. I researched the best foundations for oily skin and the MAC Studio Fix Fluid was one of the top recommendations. The reviews said you could probably wear the liquid foundation alone, but I prefer to set my base with powder. To give me a super matte finish, I picked up the Mineralized Skinfinish Natural powder as well.

The rep at Ulta also told me about the Foundation Pump, which I didn’t know about. So for an extra $10, I got the pump, and now I can squeeze out my base, saving more product in the long run.

I have a total of three eyeshadow palettes, and now I have four, since I picked up the Juvia’s Place The Warrior eyeshadow palette. With nine neutral shimmer and matte shadows, The Warrior palette is perfect for every day wear.

I also picked up some blotting papers from NYX. I didn’t read any reviews on blotting papers, I just knew I needed a product that would help remove shine, and at only $4, this is definitely worth the try.

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