Latest Loungewear Purchases

Hello beautiful ladies! We have all been spending more time indoors and for that reason, you might feel more inclined to invest in cute loungewear. Over the last five months, I have slowly acquired more stylish clothing for relaxing at home and it has really helped me feel put together, even if I am just lying on the sofa. Below are five items I wear on repeat that I highly recommend.

  1. Target All in Motion knotted front top. This one is unfortunately sold out, but this one and this one look similar.
  2. I love this Aerie lace bralette. I also got it in black and ivory. They are just so comfortable because there is no underwire. I also enjoy how feminine the lace detail is on the main design and all around the band.
  3. This white t-shirt is great because it’s longer in length, perfect for pairing with leggings. I also like the detailing on the sleeves.
  4. I did not have gray leggings before, now I do! I love these leggings and they look really good with my black knotted-front top or the teal green knotted-front top. They fit very snug and are very comfortable.
  5. These knit drawstring joggers are also really comfortable. I like how the fabric is really soft and breathable, perfect for summer days. These also fit snug and look really cute with v-neck tees.

What loungewear have you been wearing lately? Comment below!

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