3 Boutiques to Shop to Support Racial Equality


Continuing with the Black Lives Matter movement and #amplifymelanatedvoices hashtag, I have been making a more conscientious effort to shop at black-owned businesses and companies supporting racial equality. I’ve discovered so many amazing clothing boutiques, bath and body shops, accessories brands, and more.

Below, I list three companies I recently purchased from in July and August that are either black-owned businesses or are giving back to organizations fighting for racial equality.

True Muse Boutique

I have shopped with True Muse two times before and was so excited to see they’ve added a loungewear section to their website. They have sooo many cute items, from dresses, to chic blouses to Moto-leggings and more. This round, I opted for a “Homebody” sweatshirt, black knit leggings and this gorgeous satin animal print skirt. I cannot wait for my package to come in. And to make things even better, the company has pledged to donate 15 percent of your purchase to organizations fighting for black equality. AND, if your purchase is more than $65, you get free shipping. It’s a win-win!


As I’ve mentioned before, I recently started working from home and as part of that change, I’ve been slowly investing in more loungewear. I purchased three bralettes from Aerie when they were having a 50 percent off sale and oh my goodness they are so comfortable! Who wants to worry about underwires if you don’t have to?! As I was checking out, there was an option to give a $1 donation to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. I, of course, selected yes. It’s not as much as what True Muse is giving and the customer has to select that option, but it’s definitely a wonderful start!

Gregory Sylvia

I’ve heard about this company for a few years now, but since they are a luxury leather goods brand, their items have been a bit out of my price range. Well, I browsed through their jewelry section and fell in love with this 14K white and gold leaf ring. It was a splurge, but I have a sentimental reason for purchasing this ring and I’m really looking forward to receiving it. Gregory Sylvia is a black-owned business that’s run by a husband and wife team in North Carolina. I have been eyeing their handbags for years, but I’m really impressed with their selection of silver and gold jewelry pieces.

Happy shopping! Are there any other black-owned businesses or organizations fighting for racial justice you’ve shopped at recently? Leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “3 Boutiques to Shop to Support Racial Equality

  1. Aerie is a great company! I love their body positivity and diversity they’ve had since opening. They also donate to NEDA, so I’m sure they will continue to donate to / raise awareness for this cause as well

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