5 Beauty Hacks for Women Who Wear Glasses

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

I have been wearing corrective lenses since high school. I favored contact lenses, but for some reason two years ago, I developed a serious dry eye condition and contacts really hurt when I wear them. So I’ve switched to glasses and the comfort is unparalleled.

I am constantly researching beauty and style, and as a result, I try a lot of different things. Below, I will list five tips that make wearing glasses more aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Wear lipstick. I recently began working from home permanently and when we have video conferences, I try to look more put together. I’m a glam girl and love wearing makeup, but I usually skip lip products while inside the house. However, this past week, I got inspired to wear lip liner, lipstick and gloss prior to our meeting and it really enhanced my look!
  2. Try clear frame/aviator frame lenses. If one of your pet peeves about wearing glasses is that it takes away from your look, then maybe a clear frame will help to show more of your face.
  3. Do a bold eye look. Whenever I do very vivid eyeshadow looks, I always get compliments 🙂 I think the colors are really exciting and it catches attention. So in effect, people see beyond your glasses, they also see your artistry!
  4. Try contouring your face, especially your nose. Now disclaimer, I think everyone should love their face and no one needs to contour in order to feel beautiful. But if you want to add symmetry to your face, contouring is not just a makeup trick, it’s a science and art-based concept that makeup artists have adapted. So by making your nose and the rest of your face look more symmetric, it will help you look more attractive to the human eye while you’re wearing glasses.
  5. Be confident. There is nothing more attractive on a man or a woman, than self-confidence. If you believe you look good wearing your glasses, then other people will too. Keep your head up and embrace your new style!

I hope these tips were helpful! If you have any other tips, please leave them in the comments below!


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