May Drugstore Bath & Beauty Favorites

While most of April was spent indoors, I found that my morning and evening routines began changing a lot. Since I’ve been working from home, I’ve been staying up late and waking up later as well. As part of this change, I’ve been wearing less makeup throughout the week and focusing more on using products that solve actual skin problems and conditions like dry skin, dry lips, etc. Below are a few drugstore products I’ve been using lately that have been a huge help in making me feel my best each day.

Curl & Style Milk. Most of the time, I wear my hair straightened, but lately I’ve been enjoying wearing my hair curly. I’ve been using the Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk and it helps my hair feel moisturized and smooth. After washing and conditioning my hair, I’ll detangle my hair, put in a leave-in conditioner and then apply the curl definer in my hair before braiding it into four braids before going to sleep. I unravel the braids in the morning and voila! This style will last about four days.

Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath. Aren’t bubble baths wonderful? I was on a bath bomb kick for a while, but am now back to enjoying a nice bubble bath. And the more bubbles, the better. I love the eucalyptus smell of this product. It’s so relaxing, helps you to meditate and is just great for aromatherapy. I’ve been using this line for years and I’m still a big fan.

Vanilla Body Spray. I don’t know about you ladies, but I have pretty much replaced my perfume with a lighter fragranced body spray. Lately, I’ve been using Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works. It’s just a classic, sweet fragrance and it never gets old. I also enjoy the Calgon line which is available at most drugstores and some grocery stores.

Vaseline Lip Therapy. I know. It doesn’t sound as glamorous as something your average beauty guru would recommend, but let me tell you this, Vaseline is a legacy product that my family has used as a moisturizer for years. And I really like this simple, clean packaging of the lip therapy treatment. I’ve used this both at night before going to sleep and throughout the day, and I highly recommend this product. It definitely combats dryness.

Foundation Brush. After many months of using a Beauty Blender and similar products from other brands, I am back to using a foundation brush. On the days that I actually do wear makeup, whether that’s playing with new color combinations or as a pick-me-up, It’s nice to have a brush with a handle to apply my base. I’ve been using my Real Techniques foundation brush.

Cantu Hair Moisturizer. I’ve been on a hair journey for years and have found that the less you do to your hair, the better. That’s why I mostly wear it up, well that and because my hair gets hot on my neck. But on the days that I straighten my hair, throughout the week, if my hair feels like it’s getting a little dry, I’ll apply about a quarter size amount of this hair moisturizer and my hair feels like it’s been quenched. Don’t use too much or it could weigh your hair down and make it look more dull. A quarter sized amount is all you need.

A Notebook. This isn’t really a beauty product, but it is so useful. I’m on my third notebook in about a year-and-a-half and must say that it is great to have a place to jot down thoughts, grocery lists, goals for the month, etc. I do use the Notes app on my iPhone sometimes when I don’t have my notebook on hand, but I really do prefer writing lists than using digital formats. Maybe that’s a personal preference, but it’s nice to be able to flip through pages. I also feel like my thought and creative process flow better on paper as opposed to digital formats.

Olay Face Moisturizer. This moisturizer has a very pleasant, almost rose-like smell, and it makes skincare that much more enjoyable at the beginning or end of the day. I also like this product because it’s very affordable and relieves dryness. If you are sensitive to fragranced products, you might want to find a fragrance-free moisturizer. Other than that, I have been pleased with this product.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? What are some of your favorite drugstore beauty products? I’d love to know!

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