Sustainable Container Ideas for Cookie Exchange

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means, lots and lots of holiday treats! Whether it’s tradition to bring sweet treats to the office this time of year or spread Christmas cheer with a neighborhod cookie exchange, there’s no better time to practice sustainability.

The goal is to produce less waste while living your normal life. So when baking your desserts this season, try to pack them in containers that are re-usable or biodegradable. Please continue reading for sustainable packaging ideas that are perfect for cookies, brownies, muffins and more.

Mason Jar with Lid

One of the easiest ways to package small cookies or bite-sized treats is in a mason jar. Mason jars are great since they are made out of glass and easy to re-use. People can repurpose these jars later as drinkware, smoothie containers and more. You can jazz up the container by tying a gorgeous ribbon around the lid. Amazon has a set of 4 for $12, but you can find these at any grocery store or supermarket.

Decorative Metal Tin

Metal tins are really popular around Christmas time. I remember growing up, my godmother would always purchase these cookies in this blue tin and I would be so excited to come to her house because I knew exactly what was inside this round tin. Well, these containers are great to give cookies in because recipients can save them for the following year to give cookies to another friend, neighbor or to bring in for an office potluck. Target has cute decorative tins starting at $4.

Decorative Plastic Storage Container

Instead of gifting baked goods in disposable plastic sandwich bags, opt for plastic storage containers that your friends or neighbors could re-use for a long time. Everyone needs storage containers to store leftovers at home, and by delivering your holiday sweets in a decorative storage container, it’s an easy way to participate in eco-conscious gift-giving. Glad makes a set of four decorative, reusable storage containers, available for $3.49 at Target.

Biodegradable Takeout Containers

As I was browsing the internet for sustainable containers, I came across a number of different companies offering biodegradable products. This was very encouraging to see and I thought this biodegradable takeout container from Green Paper Products would be so cute to deliver Christmas treats in! As I’ve learned from the many holiday baking shows on TV, presentation is key. Enhance the takeout boxes with easily removable stickers with your family members’ names or attach a notecard wishing the recipient happy holidays and even happier new year.

Compostable Bowls

Much like the takeout containers mentioned above, these compostable no tree paper bowls offered by World Centric are the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with gifting sweet treats in a sustainable way. Not only do the circular containers provide plenty of room for sweet treats, but recipients will be full of joy at receiving the gift in a unique package. They’ll be even more impressed once you tell them how the package are 100 percent compostable at a commercial composting facility, producing zero waste!

Happy holidays, friends! Will you try any of the options above in your cookie exchanges this year? Let me know in the comments below!


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