Why I Love ThredUP

One of my goals for this year was to enhance my wardrobe. I realized I was spending so much time online, mainly Instagram and Pinterest, saving countless outfit ideas that I had no intention of buying.

It occurred to me that maybe if I adore these outfits so much, I should begin intentionally purchasing specific items so I can have cute outfits too! Prior to this method of shopping, I would only buy items in store based on mood, price or other emotions. And let me tell you, this method of having a plan for what I want to add to my closet next has been a game changer.

One of the stores I have really grown to like this year is ThredUp. If you haven’t heard of ThredUP, basically they are an online consignment and thrift shop. I’ve been to vintage, consignment and thrift shops before and no offense, I usually don’t find anything I like. But with ThredUp, since they have a huge selection of clothing and accessories, I am always able to find something I like. And since you create your own profile, you can save items for later and purchase when you’re ready (as long as someone else doesn’t buy it before you)!

I made my first purchase with this company in January 2019 and was thrilled at how cute the clothes were, the reputable brands (like Banana Republic, Express and other companies I regularly shop at) and how well everything fit.

I will say, it’s nice that for each garment, there are very detailed descriptions about the condition, price and size of each garment. What I usually do is, if there is an item I’m considering buying and I see the name of the brand, I’ll go that that brand’s main page to see their size chart and make sure that it will fit me. I don’t know about you, but when I buy something, I want to make sure it fits so I don’t have to deal with the hassle of returns. So just refer to that brand’s size chart and you’ll be in great shape.

Anyway, for this most recent purchase this month, I purchased four sweaters and two pencil skirts. I love that A.) I get new clothes, B.) The prices are just insanely affordable and great for my budget, C.) I’m choosing a more sustainable way to shop by choosing secondhand clothing, and D.) I’m giving these clothes a second chance, saving them from landfills, and creating new sartorial moments!

Have you tried ThredUP?

2 thoughts on “Why I Love ThredUP

  1. I too have spent endless hours looking at fashion on different sites but not really shopping. I checked out this site and it is far cheaper to buy second hand and try a new style at an awesome price. Thanks for being courageous enough to try. I am inspired!!

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